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In Memory of Zar

My life has always had horses as a main part of it.  Blessed with always a barn full, I began riding before I was walking.  The horse at that time was a black stallion owned by my mom.  By the time I was 4, I was taking this gracious black stallion, Sonny, over jumps and in parades all by myself.  Over time, this horse and many others, taught me the confidence and self-discipline I needed to accomplish various aspects of life.  I received my very own "first horse" when I was 8.  A chromed-out sorrel Arab named Zar, born June 9, 1982.  He was the first horse that I trained solo, and he and I attended several camps, clinics, and ten years of 4-H together.  To this day, he is was one the biggest blessings I have received, and you can learn more about him on the "In Memory of Zar" page.  I went on to college at Ball State University and was president of the Ball State Equestrian team.  In 1996, I was 3rd in the Nation for Open Stock Seat.  At that age, I had competed in almost every event related to horses, from jumping to dressage to barrel racing to western pleasure.  However, during my last year of college, I became interested predominately in competing in team roping.  The competition interested me because of the timing and talent involved for both horses and riders. If you win, it is because of effort, precision, timing, and speed, not because of someone else's opinion.  That aspect has also led me to get back into barrel racing. My horses have qualified me for the IBRA Nationals the last two years, and I have several prospects that I am watching "grow up" right now.


The horses are prepared for battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord. 

Proverbs 21:31


Lena On Faith
I thank God for blessing me with horses in my life, and for putting me into a family that had them.  It is my hope that I can use horses as a vehicle to show God's love and be a blessing to others.  I feel that my talent in training them is a gift from Him, and I never tire of the feeling that I get when being the first human on a horse's back.  If you have ever watched a foal be born and stand for the first time, God has just let you participate in a miracle!